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An exclusive members-only online platform “KigenW”

KigenW Women Executives Online is an exclusive and innovative online forum for professional and executive women members and corporate executive members.

  1. It offers you opportunities to expand your network of corporate executives outside your existing professional circle.
  2. It gives you a chance to build relationships with corporate executive members (relationship that you may be able to leverage in your profession or business)
  3. It extends your networking boundaries and opportunities to global heights thanks to the diverse community of corporate executives in both Japanese and foreign firms.
  4. It broadens your horizons for career changes or advancements.

KigenW Features

  1. Direct Communication
    Communicate directly and exchange information with corporate executive members.
  2. Discussions & Advice (D&A)
    Engage directly in discussions with corporate executive members about corporate management issues or the challenges faced by women in the workforce.
  3. Direct Recruiting
    Open yourself up to the possibility of being recruited and securing an administrative executive, top management, corporate executive or executive director position.
  4. Special Member-only Services
    Choose from an extensive array of educational and advancement tools and services such as professional development options and career designing services.

Service Prices

Rising Stars

  • Women currently earning between 6-9 million yen
  • Admission fee: 20,000JPY, Annual fee: 30,000JPY

Shining Stars

  • Women currently earning more than 9 million yen
  • Admission fee: 50,000JPY, Annual fee: 50,000JPY

We looking for women candidates like you

If you:

  • Have real talent built from a series of great achievements in business.
  • Have specialized skills and a desire to advance your career.
  • Are looking for greater challenges and fulfillment from your work.
  • Are looking into a higher role.
  • Are hoping to secure a position of administrative executive, top management, corporate executive, or executive director.
  • Would like to leverage your experience to give back to the community.